Photos by Hervé Mugisha

Cyberpunk is a Euphemism

This image depicts the reality of global warming and humanity’s disconnect from natural rhythms. I do not think there is anything wrong with modern societies and our material pursuits.

Politics have always existed, economics has always existed, as well as other things, including war, injustice, and poverty.

Today we have the means and the potential not only to pollute the earth but also to finally bring a balance to most of these historical issues. This is Too Little Nature.


Beauty and The Beasts

This piece depicts the reality of nature’s perpetuation as an environment of primitivity and invites the viewer to question their existence as an urban dweller on land that was not always so prim and proper.


Exclusive Schooling

This piece represents exclusive schooling. ‘Private’, ‘privileged’, ‘elite’, ‘wealthy’, ‘nobles’, ‘lords of the land’, ‘rulers’, ‘enlightened’, ‘the initiated’, ‘secret societies’, ‘aristocracy’. All of these words are synonymous with a position of power. Throughout the millennia, this has taken many forms, but one form in common has always existed: education. This is The Power of Knowledge.



Democratization of Schooling

This piece depicts the unprecedented availability of education. Training, of all sorts, is now just a click away. However, obtaining education requires our interest and commitment to the lesson. It all comes down to knowing yourself and being aware of what you want.

About This Project

Hervé is a student in TAV College’s ALC program. This project uses the layer mask tool, of Adobe’s Photoshop, to re-contextualize images.

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