Wouldn’t you like to know?

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Getting to know Tav’s teachers 

Have you ever wondered where your teacher’s desktop picture was taken, or what food they are eating during the 15-minute break?

Read this article to learn more about our teachers and what their lives are like off screen.

Teacher: Samara Kornitzer

What is your favorite hobby? Reading, and hiking.

Where is your favorite spot in Montreal? My favorite spot in Montreal is the bird sanctuary in Westmount.

Where is the first place you traveled to? The first place I’ve visited was Italy.

Teacher: Daniel Glassman

What are your hobbies? Writing, Reading, Cooking

Do you have a favorite book? There are too many to list! That’s like asking which of my best friends is my favorite friend!

Which restaurant is your most preferred? Deli 365

Where was your favorite trip? Spain

What is your favorite place in Montreal to visit? Mile End, Griffin Town

Do you have a favorite Food? Shawarma, Smoked Meat, Smoked Salmon

An Interview with the President of the TAV College Students’ Association

An Interview with the President of the TAV College Students’ Association

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Karin Etemadi and I’m a science student. I am now the president of the TCSA. I like to work with my peers. My objective is to help them try to achieve what they want in life. Every one of us may have different goals and we should use our talents together to build something greater. It’s not like one person can do something perfectly. There may be some exceptions but mostly not. In my opinion, it’s just finding those people, involving them in what they can do best and encouraging them to go beyond what they think they are capable of.

Why did you run for TCSA?

The reason I ran for TCSA was because I felt TAV, as a community, was lacking a lot. I see that my friends think there should be changes made, but none of them stepped up to implement their opinions. I know what people are complaining about so I decided to just go for it and do it myself.

What would you say is your main role in your position as president?

As the president of TAV, my whole ideology is to promote a sense of community. I want to make things possible for the students. I want to help create opportunities for their future. For example, we’re planning another event like the stress management one, to help students acquire the skills they need to nail an online interview. 

What are some of your goals?

I want to raise awareness about our community to high school students. I would like to be an advocate for change to ensure that some of the students’ basic needs are met and change will be implemented into the new building. For example, I’d like to make sure that there will be a library that students will have access to in person and online. Students care a lot about their studies.

What is your vision for TAV?

As a freshman, I was lost. I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t know how to move forward or the available opportunities. I feel like, as a community, we have to welcome them and show them how to move forward. It may be because I was coming to a new place but it’s also the responsibility of the college to create the right atmosphere. 

My personal dream for TAV is to make themselves more known. I want to initiate collaborations across other colleges. I’d Like to create more opportunities for students. I want everyone to have an enjoyable year. I want people to experience positive change. 

Creativity in Problem-Solving: How Does Problem-Solving Creativity Appear in Our Daily Life?

Creativity in Problem-Solving: How Does Problem-Solving Creativity Appear in Our Daily Life?

Problem-solving is the ability to find out the ultimate goal of a problem by applying the proper rules or methods.

In alma maters, it is crucial to apply appropriate methods that enhance problem-solving skills. According to India Today, pupils are mostly instilled with conventional methods or rote-learning which are based on memorization and repetition to answer any questions. Therefore, these rules give students particular ways of problem-solving to come up with exact answers. Consequently, pupils are confined within those methods and solve unexpected problems independently. According to Rohan Mathur, a marketing director of The Lego Group, creative problem solving needs to be developed due to its importance in contributing to children’s success. Lego contributes to children’s creativity by its implementation of the cycle of human creativity “Experiment. Fail. Break the rules. Fail and try again”. 

In the pandemic-stricken world where most schools are remote, teachers and school administrators are trying to alter their learning methods due to this unwanted impediment. As reported by The New York Times, Emmie Galan, a physical education teacher, asked that her students walk around their neighborhood while she was riding a bike, showing them some of the city’s landmarks in her virtual class. This abnormal time period also required Derek Eckman to come up with different ideas for his students in a physical education class. For certain sports where equipment is required, he suggested his pupils find any other objects that were alike to the one necessary, due to the lack of school equipment. Therefore, creativity has played important roles in how the education system has dramatically changed. To manage during this abrupt transition, creative plans have been implemented to adapt to the educational system and to foster children’s motivation. 

Education is not the only field where creative problem solving exists, it’s also required in the field of medicine. David A. Shaywitz has demonstrated how innovation and creativity are pertinent to the development of medicine. In his article, he claimed that in this rapid world where the high amount of throughput is more concerned, there is less room for innovation of unknown maladies. The frequency of repetition of well-known health problems has overpassed that of creative problem solving of anonymous issues. Being aware of these circumstances, several medical schools and foundations have built programs that aim to spark curiosity in young doctors. Thus, creative problem-solving plays an important role in developing medical jobs.

Creativity in problem-solving is subtle in most professions such as lawyers, police, mechanics, managers, marketing, etc. Advocates need to be innovative and creative when an unpredictable situation catches them by surprise and they must skillfully manage to go through and complete their mission of defending. Fields that handle security need creative people that are equipped to deal with different criminals. It is the same case for mechanics or managers, where creative problem-solving acts as a boon to elevate and accomplish work qualities. Most jobs are filled with unique problems that require creative people who can manage and overcome these problems.

In a nutshell, creative problem solving plays a significant role in the educational system and jobs successes so it is imperative to develop this skill from now on!

New Programs Coming to TAV

Personal Training 

TAV is bringing back its personal training program. The college is working on implementing changes to the structure such as adding courses in nutrition. Additionally, the staff is advising the college on how to set up the new gym.

Computer Network, Architecture and Management

This program trains individuals to practice the profession of a network administrator (CNA) or a network technology technician.

Project Management

This program is geared to train students to act as technical support for a project manager or work as a project manager for an accounting firm or a company’s human, financial and material resources.

Special Education

TAV has reinstituted its inclusive intervention in the childhood education program. It’s geared towards graduates of early childhood care who wish to specialize. TAV has a partnership with the Commission Scolaire de Montréal which takes a large number of students on as employees. The college is additionally in the process and final stages of negotiating a partnership with the Centre Intégré Universitaire en Santé et Services Sociaux that will also be hiring students from the college. 

Physical Education

The college may start offering gym classes throughout the year in addition to the intensives.