Short Dreams and Tall Fantasies

Short Dreams and Tall Fantasies

I like to dream not fantasize 
Dreams will take me far but fantasies shine bright like the stars
Stars that we reach for daily that are out of our arms length, out of our scope of vision 
I envision myself walking into a building full of strangers and already having good friends 
Or at least just friends on a bad day 
Most days, I want to learn how to play the piano 
But every time I try, I wind up walking away because my hands don’t play the sounds the song is meant to make My brother says I need to backtrack and start from the beginning 
Master one hand at a simple song and then move onto chords 
But I just want to lose myself in the music while my fingers glide gracefully 
Gracefully like when I try to dance 
My two left feet move in sync to their own rhythm 
My mother says to first learn how to walk painlessly again before I try to run, let alone dance 
So instead, I’ll just learn how to fly 
Except I don’t know where my wings are and I forgot how to put them on 
Maybe they were roasted by the last barbecue 
Where we all sat around philosophizing life 
Life is out to get me 
Get me to not jump the gun 
Because if you shoot for the stars 
They’ll blow up and explode 
And then 
hey’re gone 
So I’ll just climb the ladder of my dreams one rung at a time 
But I’ll fantasize a life where I was taller and would be able to take them two at a shot

Main Entrance Mural

Main Entrance Mural


In an effort to increase the aesthetic appeal of the College’s interior design, TAV has recently commissioned an artist to illustrate a drawing that will be blown up and placed on the right-side wall of the main entrance to the building.


The massive fifteen by ten foot vinyl illustration was drawn by hand by the Montreal based artist, Max Douglas, a.k.a. Salgood Sam (his brand name). The project was curated by the TAV College Director of Studies, Eli Meroz, the Student Experience Adviser, Justin Hand-Gregory and the Director of Communications, Devora Meroz.

The mural


The concept requested to the artist by this administrative team was to design a mural with the theme of cultural diversity, as well as Montreal’s distinct educational sector.

(Eli) Meroz said, “the objective was to demonstrate TAV’s pride in its culturally-diverse student body, as well as its surrounding neighborhood and the many options that our graduates have upon completion of their program.”

The curatorial team also requested that the art be slanted to complement the angle of the staircase, which is directly below the mural. The artist envisioned the concept perfectly!


The large wall where the mural will be placed used to be painted a blueish-green but is now painted an off white to allow its viewers to appreciate the art’s attention to detail and aura. The mural itself is comprised of five huge vinyl sheets that were printed and installed by a commercial signage company and then stuck to the wall using an adhesive on the back of the vinyl.

Tell us what you think of the mural and share your photos of it using #tavcollege

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