A message from the dean of studies

A message from the dean of studies

To all TAV students,

Soon will be time for your finals, a period of high stress for all students. You already know by now the direct correlation between the results you obtain in your exams, and the amount of time and effort you put into it. Give yourself all the chances of succeeding: prepare yourself thoroughly and ask for help, when needed. I wish you the best luck for this challenging period, and please be reminded of the different help centres and services offered at TAV College, we are available and here for your questions.


Elazar Meroz

Dean of Studies, TAV College

The First of Many

The First of Many

I wrote an introductory message in the first issue of the TAV Times, as editor-in-chief, to outline to our readers what to expect from this news journal, as well as what our mission would be. With that said, I thought it would be appropriate that I wrote a concluding statement as well, seeing as we have recently published the last issue for the semester and students will soon be gone for the summer.

THE TAV TIMES, Volume 1, Issues 1 – 4.

This was TAV College’s very first year producing a student-run newspaper and although it wasn’t executed perfectly, it is a great achievement nonetheless. We produced four print issues of the TAV Times news-magazine, which completes Volume 1 of hopefully many.

I feel this extracurricular activity has done its job as students were able to use this newspaper as an outlet to freely express their opinions on various topics they were interested in, which was the main objective. Also, the student writers significantly improved their writing skills, which is demonstrated through their articles in the first issue and those of the last.

To our readers, I think I speak for everyone who helps with the TAV Times when I say: We appreciate your consistent desire to read what we produce. Their were errors in every issue of the news-magazine, some more major than others, however, this is a constant learning process for us all.

As a final note, I would like to leave the readers and fans of the TAV Times with some optimistic and thought-provoking goals for the 2019-2020 year. As returning editor-in-chief, my objectives for next year will be to:

  • Introduce podcasting and other forms of media to the TAV Times.
  • Continue to improve the TAV Times and TJDC by taking into account all the suggestions and comments made by our readers and editors.
  • Produce four (or more) new print issues of the TAV Times.
  • Include more content in our news-magazine that caters to a more varied audience.
  • Include more interactive elements in the TAV Times 2019-2020 issues, such as treasure hunts, hidden elements and games.

If you have any suggestions for me on ways to improve the TAV Times, I am very open to reading them and taking them into account. Please either comment below, or contact me at: tjdc@tav.ca

Thank you and we will be back in the Fall!

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