Human Revolution

Human Revolution

With the fleeting days of growing up,

with the souls all dolled-up, (in a human body).

We search for the survival,

Survival of the sensations that woe you half,

Part in the path, you search for love in your heart.

Then you find the one that invades your head.

 carrying all the emotions 

A shelter to stay and food to eat,

In between all the apathetic

You find humans who you actually believe in

It anchor your souls 

and attacks your hearts

Asks your brain and takes you too far

All the questions get answers and you feel so cordial

When you encounter somebody similar, it amalgamates your paths

Day by day it gets stronger

Strongest pace by far

Then feelings come in between 

And it all gets deflected

A good and a bad some individuals are confused 

Some confessing the truth,

Some mocking in disputes

The human connection to them is wrecked,

and the connections between it are left is left shattered.

So the spectators walked blindly on their way,

Never stopping to ponder it may be them soon after.

Quarantine Thoughts

Quarantine Thoughts

This morning I woke up and I almost didn’t want the sun to shine 
It’s as if time and space are null and void
Time is being gouged until it’s just an illusion where morning and night meet 
Where content and overwhelming emotions meet 
Where my sanity and safety converge into one and it feels as though they are the same thing 
I am like a reservoir and my eyes are fountains 
Today, I’m moving my tears away to make space for more 
Today, I am fright ridden yet so serenely calm all at once 
They say we never had control of our lives and it was always just an illusion 
But I want my lucid illusion of the world to become a reality 
To become my reality
Because in reality, I am not asking why this is happening or how this could’ve happened 
The reality is, I do not want to play a worldwide game of survival of the fittest because I know too many people who would loose 
I want to dance to the rhythm of my very breath that I am so damn thankful for because 
With every sigh of distress and with every sigh of relief I know that I am just as alive as always 
And that this too shall pass 
Tonight, when the sun will set, the midnight glow of the moon will keep me up and I’ll be wondering what will be 
But I know for sure that tomorrow will bring a new day
The sun will rise and set dozens of times more over the world 
No, even more than that 
The world has come to a standstill but my world keeps spinning until I’m dizzy to the point of nausea 
I sit with my head between my knees to ebb the flow of my tears and my thoughts that keep springing up on me 
Catching me by surprise as if I did not see nor feel it coming 
And none of us saw this coming, it reared up on us all as unexpectedly as it shouldn’t have 
But I stopped planning my life long before this all went down 
We’re all in the same boat 
But today, mine is riding in my river of tears 
And that’s okay 

A Force of Life: A Poem

A Force of Life: A Poem

You know how it is when the moonlight glows more than the gold-filled sun and softly caresses your skin

It’s when the tide lowers to reveal beautiful pools of life hidden between entrenched boulders

It’s when you swim oceans in a day, that you come up gasping for air, wishing you’d have surfaced for a breather

It’s when you cover that same time and distance following the tide that you can catch your breath and keep your head above the water

It’s the small and steady strokes in time that will get you to the other side of your Olympic sized dream

It’s when you throw your head back and see a straight path behind you when you really swam a lifetime to get to where you are

It’s when gravity runs its course and you collapse under the weight of your own shoulders that you know it’s time to take a step back

It’s when nature is telling you to take it low but nurture is pushing you to rise back up

It’s when life’s ups and downs meet at a place called routine and you just tread through it to survive

But you know how it is when the moon’s gravity pulls again and you come down from where you were up in arms

It’s when the tide lowers that you get to plant your feet into the ground and wade the waters

It’s when you get a chance to withdraw that you can reset before the tide rises again

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